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 Some people would think about easily that they need a new roof because of a simple leak only. Sometimes, they would spend too much money just to secure their roof from possible damage. It Is very hard to choose whether you are going to replace with a new one or just be contented of repairing it by yourself or call someone for a roofing services. We can’t decide quickly without knowing the main problem of your roof. In this way, you would be able to spend less in paying some for them to fix it or to remove and change with a new one. Like for example, you can’t fix a big problem with a repair only. You would just waste money for repairing it with the same amount of having a brand-new roof. Remember that you need a professional person in this field to look for the area and the spots before you decide on what to do. They can give you good suggestions as well where you can save money. Let’s know some of the specific indications that you would need to replace or just repair it.  

  1. If you have this roof for a very long time, then it is the sign that you might need a new one to make things stronger and better. For most of the professionals and experts, they said that at least 25 to 30 years before you can replace with a new one. Of course, this is very different to those countries who have four seasons. It is good to remember that one of the reasons why roof is damaging is due to the changing weather that your place has.  
  2. If the shingles are not in their proper position anymore no matter how much effort you fix them. If you want to check if everything is fine especially the shingles, during the sunny day go out and look at the roof of your house. Try to observe if there is any curling thing happening there.  
  3. In line with the shingles, if you notice that most of the shingles on the roof are losing its capacity, then you need a new valley to make things work again and be safe during those time that the weather is not good.  
  4. If you have chimney and there is a leak like pouring water from the top or maybe that the foundation of it is not getting any better.  
  5. When you try to repair something by your own and the moment you step on to the roof, you felt that it is bouncing or moving or making a loud cracking sound, then that is already a bad sign. It means that everything there including the materials that you use is not strong enough to handle strong and delicate climate and weather.  
  6. Check the gutter and try to inspect if there are any damages or clogged by a lot of dirt and it caused holes and cracks. Maybe, it is really time to get everything be renovated.  

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